Ford+Munk is an annual Canada-US policy case competition hosted by the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy.

During the annual three-day event, Ford and Munk graduate students attend an expert speakers panel, work in small teams to tackle a cross-border policy issue, and present their proposed solutions to a panel of judges.

2022/23 Executive Team


Rhea Orlando, Munk School, MPP, 2023
Kielan Rathjen, Ford School, MPP, 2023
Alhan Fakhr, Ford School, MBA/MPP, 2024
Pratik Bhalerao, Munk School, MGA, 2023
Oieshi Saha, Ford School, MPP, 2024

Case Development

Mack Schroeder, Ford School, MPP/MSW, 2023
Nathan Gueidon, Munk School, MGA, 2023
Rea Maci, Ford School, MPP, 2024
Allison Hanley, Ford School, MPP, 2024
Francisco Rentería, Ford School, MS/MPP, 2024
Monisha Suresh Kumar, Munk School, MPP, 2024
Iris Perigaud-Grunfeld, Munk School, MGA, 2024


Christian Neubacher, Ford School, MPP, 2023
Alejandro Villafuerte, Ford School, MPP/MSW, 2024
Yu-Yu Lin, Ford School, MPP, 2024
Moriah Tafoya, Ford School, MPP, 2024
Emma Martin, Munk School, MPP, 2024
Una Jungbolt, Munk School, MPP, 2024
Jessie Fan, Munk School, MPP, 2024


Stefanie Hass, Munk School, MPP, 2024


Aurelie Chapon, Munk School, MGA, 2024

Advisory Board

Rhonda McMichael, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Partnerships, Ontario Ministry of Health
Jamie Radner, Assistant Professor, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
Catherine Hausman, Associate Professor, Ford School of Public Policy

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